Digital Signature Setup at e-District Delhi

1.) Firefox browser (32 bit) is required for process of digital signature. (kindly uninstall any version of firefox browser before installing Firefox browser (32 bit))

Steps after install of Firefox browser (32 bit)
(1) Select and choose “Options“ under "TOOLS" menu.
(2) Select “Advanced Tab“.
(3) Choose the “Update” tab.
(4) Select one of the following options as desired:
Never check for updates (not recommended: security risk)
2.) Digital Signature Setup (step by step process document for setup of digital signature)
3.) Jdk 1.7 SDK (For Windows 64 Bit)
4.)Jdk 1.6 SDK (For Windows 32 Bit)
5.)Smart Card Driver (Unzip this folder and folder with name "SC SED NIC-04-09-2012" must be download under C directory of your computer)
6.)eToken File (This executable file must be download under C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ directory of your computer)
7.)A folder name digitalsignature be created under c:\windows\temp.
8.)A folder name PDF be created under d: drive.
9.)The full control permission to IIS_IUSRS be given on the digitalsignature and PDF folder.
10.) Add following lines in java Panel
1. Open Control Panel.
2. Click on Java Tab
3. Click on Security Tab
4. Click on Edit Site List
5. Add following urls one by one

Private IP's of e-District Delhi
http://< private ip of e-District Delhi >
https://< private ip of e-District Delhi >

Public domain of e-District Delhi


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